8th grade book report list

Ten-year-old Alonzo King is an expert about monster movies. People who use memory and recall more frequently have a stronger capacity for recall in all aspects of their life.

Lane Smith - Viking, 32 pages. This is the story of an unfortunate cockroach named Crickwing, called this because of a twisted wing earned when fleeing a predator. Find Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes at your local library. Find Homesick at your local library.

Find The Book Club Kit at your local library.

Farnsley 8th Grade Book List

Kids who like science and nature and striking visuals. This book is a wonderful combination — ludicrously funny and touching. Reading helps practice the lost art of focus. Lewis and Roald Dahl will love this enchanting, funny book. Instead of concentrating on stealing the script, he becomes engrossed in the show.

Find Deep in the Swamp at your local library. She has to take of her sister and her little brother because the parents are always working to pay her medical bills. Gary Blackwood - Puffin Books, pages.

Find How Much Is a Million. Enter the Earth at your local library. Nothing goes as planned and a very surprised Widge finds himself an accepted member of the backstage crew. By 8th grade, students have hopefully built up a very usable level of vocabulary.

By 8th grade, students have hopefully built up a very usable level of vocabulary. This is a lovely, moving book. The breezy narrative follows one boy through a typical day, highlighting many interesting aspects of his world.

The Story of Rats and People by: With a mother who is a rodeo trick rider, a grandfather who innocently manages to scare the local citizenry and get himself arrested, and a dog who wears a red bandana — not to mention a boy who thinks he can fly — it is not surprising that the Blossoms attract misadventures.

Read this book to be safe. Parents should know that this is exactly the kind of book you hope your kids will find and love — showing the best examples of kids and adults behaving in caring, intelligent and positive ways.

It has a noble pedigree, from Goodbye, Mr. Henrik Drescher - Candlewick Press, 64 pages. Donna Diamond - Front Street Books, 83 pages. Kids who like school.

Audrey Couloumbis - Random House, pages.

7th Grade Summer Reading List (ages 12 – 13)

Why provide your student with supplemental reading. Find Walter, the Story of a Rat at your local library. Andre Carrilho - Random House, pages. Alternately funny, spooky, thought-provoking and magical, this is a vividly illustrated and accessible collection of Mexican folktales.

Even to Melanie, who knew that you could never predict what a new kid would be like, April Hall was something of a surprise. A subplot describes discrimination that is experienced and overcome.

This book tells the story of Bradley Chalkers, a boy who tells enormous lies, picks fights with girls, spits on people and is considered by his teachers to have behavioral issues. Making Them and Keeping Them by: Her family had to move from their home town to living in Georgia with her Uncle.

For 8th-grade level reading literature, special care is taken to ensure that students are continuing to elevate their vocabulary and increase their understanding of myriad words and concepts. While our daughter is actually in the 8th grade, the literature class she is taking is for high school credit.

So – I’m not sure if you would term this our 8th or 9th grade reading list (grins). Interest Level: Grades 6 - 8 Grade Level Equivalent: Includes: Accelerated Reader Quiz, Scholastic Reading Counts!

Quiz Genre:. 8th Grade 2nd Quarter Book Report: The Hidden Treasure of Glaston Mystery lures the reader to join in the adventures of the Hidden Treasure of Glaston by Eleanore M.

Jewett. The year isand twelve-year Hugh finds himself in. Looking for an 8th grade reading list? Here is a recommended reading list for you. We found some excellent biographies, classic books and short stories that are ideal for a middle school student.

Books shelved as 8th-grade-reading-list: The Hobbit by J.R.R.

Recommended 8th Grade Reading List

Tolkien, Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, The Hunger Games by Su. Eighth Grade Reading List. Eighth Grade Supplemental Reading List Bible: The Holy Bible, American Cardinal Readers, Book Eight (available at douglasishere.com).

Book Report Books: Saints. Mary Fabian Windeat Books (available at douglasishere.com).

8th grade book report list
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